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Enhancing Natural Beauty

Medical Spa in Newton

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Ignite Your Confidence

Shining Bright With Newton Medical Aesthetics

Newton Medical Aesthetics is a luxurious medical spa in Newton that emphasizes inner beauty and radiance. You already possess the spark you need to shine bright. Our cosmetic solutions ignite that spark, making you radiate with confidence and self-esteem. Instead of transforming your appearance, we highlight and reveal your inner beauty. You leave the medical spa looking like an elevated version of yourself.

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A Friendship in Aesthetics

Meet Your Doctors

Newton Medical Aesthetics is a doctor owned and operated medical spa that believes in enhancing your natural beauty. We want to make you feel more beautiful and look like the best version of yourself, only younger. We offer the most advanced, non-invasive cosmetic treatments and state of the art medical devices in the industry and our Doctors, nurses and medical aestheticians are each experts in their field, with over 10 years in the industry.

Newton Medical Aesthetics is led by Dr. Nily Abramovitz and Dr. Alla Agamov — each being a Board Certified DMD, specializing in facial anatomy and cosmetic injectables.

Their professional relationship began while attending dental school over 25 years ago. Since then, they have worked together, developing their skills and talents for aesthetic solutions, and now they extend their friendship to all their patients.

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Enhancing Lives

Dr. Nily Abramovitz

Dr. Nily Abramovitz is an accomplished prosthodontist and an expert in aesthetics. Hailing from Israel, Dr. Abramovitz earned her dental degree in 1992 and embarked on a remarkable journey in the United States, achieving advanced qualifications in prosthodontics from Boston University Dental School in 1997. Her academic journey also included a master's program in public health at Boston University, where she currently serves as an associate professor since 1999. Dr. Abramovitz is dedicated to enhancing her patients' lives and contributing to her community through her wealth of expertise and experience. 

Newton aesthetic expert, Dr. Nily Abramovitz
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The Beauty of Hope

Dr. Alla Agamov

Dr. Alla Agamovis an aesthetic dentistry expert who is deeply committed to delivering top-tier care, staying at the forefront of the field with continuous education. With over 20 years of experience in medicine, she is exceptionally equipped to assist her patients in achieving their aesthetic goals. Beyond her professional life, she cherishes moments spent with her husband and two children.

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Personalized Cosmetic Solutions

With Natural-Looking Results

Newton Medical Aesthetics believes in personalized care. Instead of providing cookie-cutter treatments, our cosmetic doctors carefully examine your treatment areas, discuss your goals and lifestyle, and review your medical history. Based on their assessment, they curate a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs while minimizing the risk of side effects. We don’t shy away from saying “no” if a treatment isn’t right for you.

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Comprehensive Treatments For You

Aesthetic Treatments in Newton

At Newton Medical Aesthetics in Newton, MA, we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge treatments to enhance your beauty and confidence. EvolveX body contouring utilizes advanced technology to sculpt and tone your body, targeting stubborn fat pockets and tightening skin with minimal downtime. Our neuromodulators temporarily relax facial muscles, including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau. Our Juvéderm products smooth fine lines and restore facial volume. Our biostimulators, Radiesse Hyperdilute, and Sculptra stimulate collagen production, providing natural-looking improvements in facial contours and reducing wrinkles. Laser Skin Resurfacing, Morpheus8 Microneedling, and PRP Face + Neck treatments address various skin concerns, promoting smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin. Discover our comprehensive approach to beauty at Newton Medical Aesthetics.

Body ContouringBotox & NeuromodulatorsDermal FillersBiostimulatorsLaser Skin ResurfacingMicroneedling
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Redefine Your Shape

Body Contouring in Newton, Mass

EvolveX Body Contouring is a cutting-edge treatment designed to sculpt and tone your body. Using advanced technology, it targets stubborn fat pockets and tightens skin, helping you achieve a more contoured and youthful appearance. This non-invasive procedure requires minimal downtime, making it a convenient choice for those seeking a revitalized physique. Experience the transformative effects of EvolveX and embrace a renewed sense of confidence in your body.

Body Contouring
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Elegantly Smooth

Newton Botox & Neuromodulators

We provide Botox and other neuromodulators for patients with unwanted expression lines and wrinkles, such as forehead lines and frown lines. Neuromodulators temporarily relax the facial muscles responsible for your dynamic wrinkles, thereby softening the unwanted expression lines. Our collection of neuromodulators includes Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau.

Botox & Neuromodulators
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Plump, Fill, Contour

Dermal Fillers near Newton, MA

We provide Juvéderm dermal fillers for patients with fine lines, wrinkles, and age-related loss of facial volume. Juvéderm fillers literally “fill” your fine lines and facial hollows with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring gel that makes your skin look smooth, supple, and plump. Our Juvéderm collection includes Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella, Vollure, and Voluma.

Dermal Fillers
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Regenerate Youth

Newton Biostimulators in Newton, MA

Radiesse Hyperdilute and Sculptra are advanced biostimulator treatments known for their collagen-boosting properties. Radiesse Hyperdilute offers subtle volumizing effects while stimulating collagen production, making it suitable for those desiring a natural-looking improvement in facial contours. Sculptra excels at addressing facial volume loss and reducing fine lines and wrinkles by gradually stimulating collagen production over time. Both treatments harness the body's regenerative abilities to provide enduring results, making them favored options for individuals seeking non-surgical facial rejuvenation. These biostimulators offer a comprehensive approach to achieving a refreshed and youthful appearance.

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Renewed Skin

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Newton, MA

We provide laser skin resurfacing to patients with acne scars, fine lines, pigmentation problems, and other textural irregularities. Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment that uses laser energy to exfoliate the uppermost layers of your skin while encouraging collagen production. This treatment literally sands off old skin cells and “resurfaces” smoother, firmer, and more even-textured skin.

Laser Skin Resurfacing
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Healing Away The Years

Newton Morpheus8 Microneedling in Newton, MA

We provide microneedling to patients with fine lines, acne scars, or skin laxity. This treatment involves making micro-injuries on the skin’s surface using a special device with ultrafine microneedles. The micro-injuries activate your body’s innate healing capabilities, facilitating collagen production. Over time, your skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more even-textured, erasing years of sun damage, scars, and aging.

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Walk the Aisle With Confidence

Newton’s Bridal Boot Camp

Is there anything more important than your wedding day? You deserve to walk confidently down the aisle knowing you’re looking your absolute best. Our ultimate Bridal Skincare Bootcamp is designed to unveil your most radiant self on your wedding day. This year-long journey begins with a personalized consultation, shaping a unique treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Throughout the program, indulge in a series of aesthetic procedures and medical-grade skincare. Morpheus8 treatments lift and tighten, while neurotoxin, filler, and Sculptra rejuvenate for a youthful glow. As your big day nears, IPL laser facials combat imperfections and body contouring enhances your figure. Erbium Laser and JetPeel facials elevate your skin's texture and luminosity. Maintaining your allure is effortless with regular touch-ups, culminating in a custom facial with dermaplaning just days before your wedding. Consistent dedication to the Bridal Skincare Bootcamp promises the finest results, ensuring you walk down the aisle exuding radiance and confidence. Unlock a 15% discount on your personalized treatment plan at our Newton Med Spa- contact us today!

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Tailored to You

Naturally Regenerative Solutions

Newton Medical Aesthetics believes you already have all the elements necessary to sparkle and shine. The human body has an incredible capacity to heal itself; we just need to tap into those resources. Our cosmetic doctors emphasize non-invasive, autologous treatments, such as PRP, to activate your body’s innate collagen production and skin cell regeneration capabilities at our Newton medical spa.

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“I won’t be going anywhere else…”


"I just wanted to share an amazing review for this fabulous spot in Newton. It is beautiful, clean, very well decorated, and maintained, and Tracie was such a gracious greeter! I went for my first time a few weeks ago and met with Christine for my very first microneedling procedure. Both Christine and Tracie were so professional, kind, accommodating, and of course, skilled! I was a little nervous, but it went so smoothly. My skin looked the best it ever has after the expected redness went away. I will be back to see you girls, and thank you for taking such good care of me. Best!" — Lisa K., Newton, MA., Microneedling patient

"From the first moment I went into Newton Medical Aesthetics, I was impressed! I was greeted so warmly, the atmosphere is beautiful, and they have every type of face and body treatment you could dream of. The medical aesthetician Christine was extremely knowledgeable and helped guide me based on my goals and what treatments to take. I did the Evolve X for the body, which helps with fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle sculpting, and I am so happy with my results. (I’ve tried other similar machines at other places, and it didn’t do anything!) Next, I’m going to do the erbium laser and IPL because someone I know just did it there, and her skin looks dramatically better! I’m so excited to have found this place! I highly recommend it!" — Rachel BSC, Newton, MA., EvolveX patient

"I had an AMAZING Jet peel facial from Christine. My skin looks and feels incredible. The facility is beautiful and tranquil. I can't wait to go back for my second treatment!!!!!" — Emily G., Newton, MA., Jet Peel peel patient

"Love this place and highly recommend it. I underwent the EvolveX body toning and firming treatment at Newton Medical Aesthetics in March and April 2023. The team there was very professional, answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease. The space is clean and chic. Parking is easy, and scheduling appointments was convenient and flexible— I had to change appointment times a couple of times due to my schedule being so busy, and Tracy and the team there were understanding and rebooked me with ease. The treatment was approximately 45 minutes, each appointment for 5 appointments, and the results have been great! My abdomen looks more toned and muscular. I plan to use them for my Botox treatments next!" — Dea C., Newton, MA., EvolveX patient

"I have been seeing Dr. Agamov for Botox Injections for over 8 years, I have also had lip injections and Voluma(cheek filler) I was very nervous, but the way she injects is amazing. Her expertise is impeccable. I followed her to the Newton office, and it is a beautiful location with many amenities. The Staff is warm and friendly. I 100% would recommend Newton Medical Aesthetics for treatment." — Rose P., Newton, MA., Botox injections patient

"I could not recommend Newton Medical Aesthetics more. Not only is the staff so professional and welcoming, but the facility is extraordinary. From the moment you enter the office, you are greeted by their friendly faces and warm welcome. Dr. Agamov performed my BOTOX treatment painlessly and efficiently. I cannot wait to return for more treatments!" — Alina R., Newton, MA., Botox patient

"I had Dysport and fillers done for the first time at Newton Medical Aesthetics, When I walked in, I was stunned at how beautiful the Spa is. The staff were so friendly and helpful. The doctor was so gentle and answered all my questions. Her bedside manner was phenomenal. It’s only been a few days, and already see results! Love everything about this place…I won’t be going anywhere else but here from now on. I highly recommend." — Stephanie, Newton, MA., Dysport patient.

"I am so happy with my Botox treatment with Dr. Agamov! I had been wanting to get Botox for a while but was nervous. My upcoming wedding prompted me to decide to get it. Dr. Agamov and the whole team made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions, and took me comfortably through the process. The office is beautiful, and they take cleanliness and safety very seriously, so I felt at ease during the Botox injections. I was amazed by how painless the whole thing was. I even asked, “Did you do it?” a few times and was amazed by how fast and painless it was. I highly recommend Dr. Agamov and the team at Newton Medical Aesthetics! Thank you for making me feel like the most beautiful version of myself!" — Allison M., Newton, MA., Botox patient

"The staff is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and, most importantly, honest & transparent regarding which treatments are best suited for specific skin types and best align with their client's skincare goals. I came in with a specific treatment in mind. The staff informed me of the outcome and also proposed a different treatment with similar benefits at a lower cost. So, it was obvious to me they care about clients' personal goals & skincare needs above profit." —Jennifer P., Newton, MA., Satisfied Patient

"I recently received a Jet Peel Facial at Newton Medical Aesthetics, and I cannot express how absolutely happy I am not only with the results but my overall experience here. From booking my appointment to my actual treatment, the service is exceptional. Everyone is so professional and kind they made me feel so comfortable. The next day everyone was telling me my skin was glowing. The location is perfect, with plenty of parking, and the overall feel of the office is clean and aesthetically pleasing. I will definitely recommend this service and location to friends and family and cannot wait to rebook other services that were recommended to me by their knowledgeable staff. Thank you ladies." — R.V., Newton, MA., Jet Peel Patient

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Regenerative Rejuvenation

PRP Face + Neck in Newton, MA

PRP Face + Neck is ideal for patients averse to injecting foreign objects into their bodies. This treatment involves drawing a small sample of your blood, purifying it to isolate the PRP (platelet-rich plasma), and injecting it into the face and neck. The human blood has regenerative properties that encourage collagen production and skin cell regeneration, improving your overall complexion and skin quality.